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HUNTED : { Alternative Wedding Cake – Millefoglia }

Italian Theme Wedding Cake

HUNTED : { Alternative Wedding Cake – Millefoglia }

Somewhere at this moment in the Italian Houses of parliament, between triumphant choruses of “ding dong the witch is dead” (insert appropriate male variation), a frantic search for Berlusconi’s replacement is being undertaken.

It feels apt to mark the occasion with a celebratory Italian cake-themed wedding hunt. As a couple I appreciate your wedding cake decision is unlikely to be influenced by the resignation of a man widely referred to by is own people as “gangster” or “buffoon.” You may, however, be influenced by the culinary genius of the Italy. You know by now that cupcakes and cake sticks are acceptable alternatives to fruit-cake-brick. Add to that list the Italian dessert Millefoglia. Perhaps best recognised as the individual patisserie cakes with a mixture of crisp pastry layers and chantilly cream, the Italians can and do turn them into full-size cakes to serve at wedding parties.

Just don’t mention that the desserts origins are from the French “millefeuille.” They’ve got enough on their plates already.

Supplier: Kicca Cakes, London

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Image: Google Images


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