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HUNTED: { Wedding Miscellany – Vintage Ice-Cream Van }

HUNTED: { Wedding Miscellany – Vintage Ice-Cream Van }

Wedding Miscellany Ice Cream Van Food

What could match the joy as a child of hearing the strains of an ice-cream van in the distance? The tinkling tune from afar told you you had just enough time to rush out of the house and harass your parents to buy you one until breaking point. These were the days when a 99 actually cost 99p and the Scots were fighting to the death over lucrative van territory.

Some nostalgically-minded folk with an eye for a business opportunity have taken the traditional Mr Whippy van, made it look more aesthetically appealing, and are renting them out for festive occasions such as your wedding. Providing your guests with retro ice-creams goes beyond the call of duty as a host, but to mis-quote one Arthur Conan Doyle “It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.”

Supplier: Vintage Scoops

Price: On Enquiry (variable dependent on ice-cream consumption)



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