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HUNTED: { Wedding Marquees – Good Value Marquees }

Budget Wedding Marquee UK

HUNTED: { Wedding Marquees – Good Value Marquees }

With trepidation I find myself hunting something so basic yet so critical as a solid, good value marquee.

From experience, couples often choose marquee-based weddings on the assumption there will be cost-savings, then find themselves in such a minefield of extra arrangements required that they just wish they’d stumped up the cash for a venue who’d do it all.

It doesn’t need to be this way. Locating a few good suppliers means marquees can go from being a headache to a blank canvas of joy. The most fundamental of those is the marquee supplier themselves. It is tricky to find a low cost marquee and this is for a good reason – a quality large marquee should not be priced rock bottom. However, the company I have hunted here certainly offer excellent value due to the types of marquee they use. Yes, you will still need to get your planning sheet out for all the additional elements but lets face it, a wedding organisational spreadsheet is so monstrous already what does a few extra lines hurt.

Supplier :  reallygood marquees

£price dependent on marquee size, starting from c. £225.



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